5 most popular web development trends in 2017

5 most popular web development trends in 2017

With current technologies becoming obsolete faster than ever and new technologies entering the mainstream without a pause, the web-developers are kept constantly on their feet. As we enter into the second half of 2017, let us observe the most popular web development trends of the year and what future holds for the web users worldwide.

Top 5 web development trends of 2017

Responsive Design
Websites are now being more often viewed on mobiles and other hand-held devices than laptops and PC’s. Responsive designs which allow seamless access of a website on multiple devices, has thus become a necessity for all the companies.

Artificial Intelligence
Imagine a man-made intelligence program assisting people and companies in complex tasks with minimal manual intervention! That is what ‘The Grid’, an AI driven website creation program does for its users by creating websites on its own as per user-inputs and preferences, with the user only have to work on the content bit. Companies like Google and Wikimapia are also using AI extensively to improve the performance of their search engine platforms.

Virtual Intelligence (VI)
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if someone could take you on a virtual tour to your shortlisted residential project before you could actually decide to invest in it? Companies are working hard on the VI evolution to make it a living reality through apps and website.

Internet of Things
How would it be entering home to a piping hot coffee steaming in your electric kettle, absolutely ready to be served? This is one of the things amongst endless others that IoT intends to do – by connecting the non-internet connected household appliances and other stuffs to the internet. Doing this shall pose a major challenge for web developers, as they shall develop relevant apps that not just uses, analyze and display device’s data but also protect it from hackers.

Static site generators
The static sites are getting increasingly popular amongst bloggers and alike, who like the fact that they can easily convert plain text to a static blog/website through this. Besides, it also costs lesser and offer better speed and performance.
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