6 things you should know before designing a website

6 things you should know before designing a website

Are you excited about creating your own website and just can’t wait for it to go live? Wait! We hope that you have considered the important factors that would decide if your website is hardly being visited or is a hit amongst visitors.

Let us take you through few important ones:-

Purpose of the site
You need to define your target audience, what they want from your website and the message that you want to convey through the site. These things have to be worked out even before you begin to plan the site’s layout.

Domain selection
Domain is the key for your website to be easily remembered and thus visited. You would be able to comprehend its importance by the fact that many entrepreneurs finalize the name of their companies depending upon the availability of corresponding domain. So, make sure that your web address is simple and easy to remember.

Invariably, words matter. In order to attract your consumers, the text written on your website has to be relevant and informative and at the same time, it should be crisp and easy to understand.

Portfolio and client testimonials
Your audience would feel more confident about your products and service, if they can see your previous work, glance through your product offerings or read positive comments from a satisfied client. Display plenty of such things on your website.

Keep it simple
Though any website needs to have its element of colours, banners and graphics to make it look attractive, do not overdo it. Most consumers report that they find black text on white background most easy to be read.

Responsive website
If your website is not responsive, you are already out of the game. This feature is a must to reach out to maximum audience.

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