7 things to look out for while designing an E Mail Template

7 things to look out for while designing an E Mail Template

E Mail marketing campaigns have been a time-tested method of generating leads and spreading brand awareness. Nevertheless, how an email campaigns is designed, plays a key role in capturing user attention and retaining his interest in its content.

Synpatic India, an ace web and graphic designer, have come up with 7 useful tips for designing an email template that can come handy while you have a successful campaign on your mind.

1. Simplicity is the best policy. This statement applies best while you are creating email templates. Keep them simple so that the readers stay focussed on the message that you want to convey.

2. MS Word is a useful tool but not very good while creating templates. Instead use a third party email template creator, Dreamweaver or Notepad.

3. Readers hate to scroll sideways while reading a marketing email. Ensure that your email is sized right (preferably less than 650 pixels wide) to grab equal attention across all email clients.

4. Replace HTML bullet points as they may appear broken or missing when used in email templates, not giving the readers a pleasant experience. You may use ‘-‘or ‘*’ instead.

5. Most of your users are browsing your email on Gmail, Yahoo, etc. Since these mailbox do not support BODY, DOCTYPE, and HEAD tags, it is best to use inline CSS to avoid this issue.

6. Lotus Notes does not support image files with a ‘.png’ extension. As a thumb rule, use ‘.jpeg’ and ‘.gif’ images only.

7. Avoid using videos in your email templates. It is most likely that it would not be allowed by the mail client (most of them restrict rich media content). Alternatively, give a link of your video in the email content and capture a screenshot and embed it in the template design.

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