7 tips for building an attractive website

7 tips for building an attractive website

Websites, the core of how businesses relate to their audience, have to be built keeping consumer interest in mind. Only if you can keep the visitor longer than 10 seconds on your website, chances are that they shall continue to look deeper and feel more interested in surfing further.

Here are 7 tips from Synaptic India, a leading edge web designing firm, that might bring greater traffic to your website and fetch you progressive results.

Catchy URL
The name after ‘www’ should be catchy and very easy to remember by the audience. Also, it should be relevant to your business and its offerings to be quickly recalled and often visited.

Responsive Website
Most of your viewers are seeing your site on a mobile or a tablet, making it must for your site to be responsive and equally compatible on every device. Ensure that you do not miss on this aspect.

Choice of Colours
Red, blue, yellow, orange or black – which colour shall make your site look more attractive? Every colour resembles something and it is very important to choose a combination which resonates with your business and its objectives.

Crisp Content
Right words in lesser amounts are more likely to interest consumers than extensive content. Make sure your website features to-the-point content which conveys apt message.

Minimized loading time
It is very important for your site to get loaded instantly after entering the URL, lest the user might decide to skip yours and jump to the next website.

Social Media Sharing
Wouldn’t it be great if someone could share interesting articles and information straight from your website to social media platforms? Make your website more user-friendly by allowing easy social media sharing.

Chat Window
Who doesn’t like a personalized touch? A chat pop-up window provides just that for your web visitors by offering them answers to the question without having to search for them all through the site.

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