Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

Your business cannot miss its attendance on Social Media Marketing. Even if it has its presence across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and the innumerable Social Media platforms which are flooded with thousands of business prospects, the business heads have to ensure that they are following a good strategy to be on top of the game.

Do’s of Social Media Marketing

1. Be regular and consistent
Schedule your social media posts and set a definite frequency depending upon your target audience and their preferences.

2. Mind the timings
Observe when your posts enjoy maximum engagement and when they are least seen to work out a suitable time strategy and boost your reach.

3. Be interactive
People prefer an interactive post over a dumb one. Think of a question or device other forms of interactive content strategy to invoke user response.

4. Videos and GIF’s
Consider using media to evoke user response. Viewers are more likely to see a video than read content.

5. Optimize
Optimize your posts and make yourself searchable. This is a must do if you want to lead the show.

6. Measure your ROI
Shooting ideas and content in blind would make no sense. You need to know which ones are working for your company and which can be scrapped. Reach out for your measuring tape and measure your social media campaign ROI’s at set intervals.

Don’ts of Social Media Marketing

1. Don’t use a common strategy
Your audience across different social media platforms are different – so should be the strategy. Avoid using a common one.

2. Don’t over-promote
If most of your posts speak directly about your services and how good you are at them, chances are that people would stop seeing them. Do not overdo.

3. Don’t ignore
The worst thing to do is to ignore negative feedbacks on social media platforms. Instead, get back to the unhappy consumers and tell them that you care.

4. Don’t be a robot – Knock knock
Is it a robot on the other side! Your audience seek useful interaction – use these platforms to address their queries, comments, etc.

5. Don’t create too many accounts
Be thoughtful while creating an account on a platform. Consider if it is actually relevant for your business and is your presence on it really required.

6. Don’t be rude
Words cannot be taken back once they flow out on such platforms. Make sure that anything unfavourable does not cause an immediate meltdown. Synaptic India, a leading designing agency, considers this to be the most difficult yet important part of your winning strategy while you are interacting on a public platform.

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