Does an E mail marketing campaign work? Know the facts

Does an E mail marketing campaign work? Know the facts

Email marketing campaigns have been one of the most widely adopted way of traditional marketing across businesses. Besides being cost-effective, they are also known to target specific markets and enable brands to invade a consumer’s mailbox strategically.

Despite being a popular marketing tool, many debate its effectiveness and believe that it hardly can influence visibility and sales of a company. Synaptic India, a leading digital marketing company, which often runs strategic e mail campaigns for its clients, feels otherwise. In this article, let us find out if email marketing campaigns actually work. Here are some quick facts on E Mail marketing:-

  • As per ‘DMA’, E mail marketing has a ROI of 3800%.
  • 82% of B2B and B2C companies use email marketing technology.
  • B2C companies report conversion rates as high as 50% by leveraging email automation.
  • Automated email campaigns contribute to over 21% of the email marketing revenue. However triggered campaigns with strategic approach fare much better and are responsible for over 75% of email revenue.
  • Personalized emails are more effective as they improve the click through rates by 14% on an average and conversion rates by 10%.
  • As high as 760% increase in revenue has been noted by marketers through segmented email campaigns.
  • As per ‘McKinsey’, E mail’s effectiveness in acquiring new clients is 40x higher than Facebook or Twitter.
  • ‘Monetate’ states that email marketing drives more conversions than any other marketing channel which includes both search and social media. Also, as per ‘McKinsey’, the average order value through an email is at least thrice more than that of social media.
  • ‘Campaign Monitor’ states that email marketing generates $38 revenue against every $1 spent.

The above figures clears all doubt about the importance of emails in marketing campaigns and explicitly proves its effectiveness.
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