The impact of digital marketing on small businesses

The impact of digital marketing on small businesses

About two decades ago, when the shopping malls had made their grand entry in India, their magnificent scale of operation and huge advertisement spends had swept away the profit margins of small – mid size retail shops. Things are however different now.

With digital marketing rapidly taking over the traditional marketing methods, the smaller players can expect to enjoy a fair chance amidst the ever-increasing competition. Synaptic India, an eminent digital marketing firm in Delhi, lays down the impact of such change on small businesses.

Small or big? It no longer matters.
The only thing that matters with digital marketing (against traditional marketing) is the strategy. If the strategy is good and the small business owner has done his homework well, he may easily compete with large scale organizations on the World Wide Web.

No geographical boundaries
Small businesses can go global as the digital space knows no physical boundaries. With the onset of digital marketing, consumers have also become more open to buying products/services from a distantly located firm and are no longer restricted to purchases within city boundaries.

Lesser advertisement spends
As opposed to the substantial traditional marketing spends that one had to incur to stay on top of the chart earlier (which was practically impossible for small businesses), digital marketing spends are much lower. Depending upon the strategy, one can easily make good money out of the pay per click campaign or a promotional coupon offering through social media platforms.

Know what is performing
Usage of proper measurement tools can help you evaluate the actual performance of a product/service online, enlightening the business about consumer preferences and easing out key business decisions.

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