Does your logo reflect your brand’s personality?

Does your logo reflect your brand’s personality?

What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says “McDonalds”? Isn’t it the big “M” logo put high up there? (Of course, we are not talking about their ‘burgers’ and ‘French fries’ here). The ‘M’ logo resonates with the brand and has an important role to play in its identity. So much so that it has become its unparalleled and unmistakable identity.

Such is the importance of a logo in building a brand identity.

Logos are not just a graphic design or for namesake. They actually speak volumes about your brand and reflect what it stands for. Consumers associate your logo with the personality of your brand.
Your logo frames a picture of your business in their mind, making it essential for you to give yours a deep thought before you arrive at the final version.

Here are few things that Synaptic India, a leading graphic designing and web development company in India, believes that one should consider while finalizing a logo:-

  • A logo should reflect your brand’s values and its personality. It should clearly communicate your promise to the customers by the way of right combination of picture, colours and design.
  • Simple and free of clutter –that is how a logo should be to register in the mind of target audience with ease.
  • Your logo shall appear everywhere: collaterals, pen, t-shirts, bill boards, etc. The design thus needs to be adaptable to look good universally.
  • Your logo should be specific to the target audience you aim to capture and be capable of developing an instant connect with them.
  • It should stand out from competition in its own special way so that people remember you instinctively.
  • Timeless logos are ones that can last for a hundred years and still look fresh and classic. Factor in this element while designing your logo.

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