Mobile apps v/s website: Which is better for your business ?

Mobile apps v/s website: Which is better for your business ?

Many individuals are of the view that you do not require a mobile application, you simply require a website page which looks great on mobile gadgets. Others are of the view that mobile applications have advantages which a site cannot give. Who is correct?

Benefits of Website over Mobile Apps

A website has various intrinsic benefits when compared to mobile applications as given below:

Reachability:Since a website is available across various platforms and could be effectively shared amongst various users, and additionally through search engines, it has far more reachability when compared to a mobile application.

Immediate Use & Compatible: Along with being available over desktop and laptop, a website is immediately available by means of a browser throughout various gadgets such as BlackBerry, Android, iPhone, and so on and could reach clients across various kinds of mobile gadgets.

Upgradability: A website is considerably more dynamic when compared to a mobile application as far as immaculate adaptability to update content is concerned.

Shareability: Website URLs are effortlessly shared amongst users by means of a basic link.

Findability: Websites are significantly less demanding for users to find since their pages could be easily available through search results on search engines and are displayed in directories which are specific to the industry.

LifeCycle: The normal shelf-life of an application is quite short. Websites are on the other hand constantly accessible for clients to come back to them.

A Website Could be an Application: A mobile website application could be a viable contrasting option against development of native application.

Cost and Time: Development of a website is significantly time and cost efficient when compared to a native application development.

Maintenance and Support: Correctly maintaining and supporting an application is more costly and involved when supporting a site over a period of time.

Merits of an App Over Mobile Website

In spite of the numerous intrinsic advantages of the mobile website, applications are still extremely popular. As a rule, in case you require one of the accompanying, an application would be suitable:

  • Gaming or Interactivity – For games which are interactive, an application is quite often your best decision for years to come.
  • Processing or Native Functionality Needed – If you have to get to a client’s camera or to process power an application would do that considerably more viably.
  • Complexity in Reporting or Calculations – If you require something which would take data and enable you to control it with computations, reports or graphs which are complex, an application would enable you to do that successfully.
  • Personalization or Regular Use – If the targeted users would be utilizing your application in a customized model regularly, then an application offers an incredible approach to do it.
  • No Connectivity Needed – If you have to give accessibility to contents offline or do capacities without a wireless or network connection, then an application bodes well.
  • Conclusion

    As usage of mobile phones keeps on growing around the world, the “website versus application” question would continue to be an undeniable consideration. Several organizations have both—a website which is mobile-friendly and a downloadable application. Ultimately, it is all regarding deciding on the correct device as per your requirements relevant to the task at hand.

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